Success Story: Jack

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jack the cat being shy

Symptoms: Arthritis, spinal inflammation, oily skin
Treatment: Veterinary Acupuncture, Veterinary Laser Therapy

Testimonial submitted by: Mary H.

Our oldest cat, Jack, had a host of problems: arthritis in his back legs and hips, trigger points and inflammation around his spine, and oily skin. The arthritis was so bad that his front legs were taking the brunt of his weight when he walked, and his back was constantly arched from walking with his back legs as straight as possible to avoid pain. He was a sad kitty! Dr. Lee treated Jack with acupuncture for his arthritis and inflammation and laser therapy for his skin. We saw improvement in the way that Jack walked after the first treatment. We kept up weekly treatments and Dr. Lee also prescribed some stretches that we could do with Jack to help maintain his therapy results between appointments.

After just a few weeks, most of his trigger points were gone, his skin had improved, and, best of all, he was walking with bent back legs and a straight back. Without pain! It was such amazing progress, and we all have Dr. Lee to thank for Jack’s improved mobility and quality of life.

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