Success Story: Jade

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Jade the dog relaxing after allergy symptoms were treated

Symptoms: Severe allergies
Treatment: Animal Chiropractic, Veterinary Acupuncture, Veterinary Laser Therapy

Testimonial by: Dr. Lin

My name is Dr. Lin. I’m a human chiropractor.  When my dog, Jade,
got allergies, I usually gave her high quality vitamins to support her
immune system and she’d be fine. In the spring of 2015 they were worse
than ever.  I was giving her the best dog food I could find at
Tomilson’s and lots of high quality vitamins.  She was scratching and
scratching.  She scratched all the fur off her chest, neck, ears, and
paws.  Nothing like this had ever happened before.  I brought her to
her usual vet, they didn’t believe she had allergies because she
looked so bad.  They ran every test in the book thinking she must have
something more than allergies like an autoimmune disorder, mange,
something.  Everything came back negative, it was really allergies.  I
asked them about her food and if I should take her off grains or try a
raw diet.  They told me diet wouldn’t matter, as a chiropractor, I
knew this was not true, diet does matter.  So they gave her steroids
and sent us on our way.  As soon as the steroid dose started to taper
down, the allergies came back in full force.  She didn’t even get off
the steroids completely before it was bad again.  I was frustrated and
did not want to go back.

I met Dr.Elena and was so excited!  Instead of just prescribing meds
and running up a huge bill with tons of tests, she nurtured Jade’s
body back to health.  Jade had acupuncture, laser, and chiropractic
treatments weekly for about a month.  Dr. Elena also helped me to
adjust Jade’s supplements and vitamins as well as helped me find a
raw, grain free dog food, to support her further.  Jade loved the
treatments.  She is normally a rather high strung dog and she would
just lay and be “doggy zen.”  Jade is doing absolutely fabulous now.
She has her hair all back and she’s got her energy back too.  I was so
glad to finally meet a vet that understood the importance of working
with the body instead of against it.

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